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A Perfect Woman(Herve Bodilis, Marc Dorcel) [2020, Feature, French, Anal, DP, Lingerie, WEB-DL]

Year of production: 2020
Country: France
Genre: Feature, French, Anal, DP, Lingerie
Duration: 2:00:51

Director: Herve Bodilis
Studio: Marc Dorcel

English language
Cast: Clea Gaultier, Tiffany Tatum, Anissa Kate, Tiffany Leiddi


Cléa Gaultier has two passions in life: art and people

Cléa steers one of the most famous art galleries in Paris with a firm hand. As a true professional, she is able to see at a glance which artists will see their popularity rise in the coming months and add them to her catalog. Her clients, wealthy businessmen, trust her blindly and are ready to spend very large sums of money on works by as yet unknown artists, just because Cléa has advised them. Anissa Kate, his personal assistant, also plays an important role in the gallery’s success. This pretty, curvy brunette doesn’t hesitate to give of herself when it comes to satisfying a wealthy collector, especially if the latter finds her to his or her liking.

In appearance, Cléa has all the qualities to be a perfect woman. She is beautiful and the best in her field. In reality, Cléa’s personality is a little more complex than it seems. She is convinced that all men want her at first sight and she intends to take advantage of it. Today, she has set her sights on Rico Simmons, a stranger she met on a specialized application. Even though he is married, Rico takes advantage of his business trips to have a good time, which does not displease Cléa.

The young woman likes it when things move fast. So, she doesn’t waste time in long and useless discussions and quickly asks Rico to take off her dress before taking out her partner’s sex and sucking him greedily. A little surprised, he can’t refuse such a proposal, however. What man could say no to such an enterprising woman? Despite the moments of pleasure spent together, Cléa is not a woman who attaches herself easily. On the contrary, once she has “used” a man for her own pleasure, she likes to move on … or at least, to someone else.

All men have to love Cléa. For that she’s willing to do anything

It won’t be long before he meets his next target. Cléa is convinced that all men want her at first sight and she intends to take advantage of it. So, when she happens to cross paths with Luke Hardy, a charming Englishman, she imagines that he has done everything he could to meet her. The man doesn’t imagine for a moment that this brief encounter will change his life.

Meanwhile, Anissa had to deal with the delivery of a valuable piece of work to Ricky Mancini and his charming wife Tiffany Leiddi. The couple is determined to make the most of the young woman’s presence. To thank her for making the trip, they offer her an exciting threesome plan. Anissa, seduced as much by the man as by his wife, can only accept this more than original and perverse tip.

In Paris, Cléa meets “by chance” the handsome Luke in a bar. Determined to have a good time with him, she doesn’t accept the fact that he is joined by his girlfriend, the pretty Tiffany Tatum. She will have to find a way to eliminate the competition quickly to achieve her goal. Totally unaware of the situation, the couple returns to their apartment to celebrate their reunion. Luke’s business regularly takes him away from his beloved and beloved.

Is Clea really a perfect woman?

In the meantime, Cléa has invited three men to show them her gallery and much more. At her request, Rico brought two strangers to enjoy the charms of the young woman. Why limit yourself to one partner when you can have three? To fully satisfy them, Cléa even goes so far as to offer them all her orifices to end in apotheosis with a very intense double penetration.

The next day, worried that he hasn’t heard from Tiffany, Luke calls Cléa because his girlfriend was going to visit her at the gallery. What he doesn’t know is that Cléa has kept her word and got rid of this embarrassing competitor. To console him for her disappearance, the young woman offers him a good time together … until she meets someone else. This handsome sportsman crossed during their morning jog, for example.

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