Femdom & Strapon

[AmericanMeanGirls.com] Goddess Platinum (Foot Stool With Ball Kicks / 25.07.2019)

Year of production: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Femdom, Humiliation, Ball Kicks, Human Furniture, High Heels
Duration: 00:15:05
Studio: AmericanMeanGirls
Cast: Goddess Platinum
Description: Ohhh …. so many losers … so little time.
I’m sure you have no clue what I’m talking about because you’re just one of the losers, but being the CEO of the Mean Girls demands a lot of time dealing with total losers. Just like you.
You see here … this loser wrote in begging for my attention. Begging me to allow it to come serve me in person. it’s obviously paying me … duh. it even followed all of my directions and simple tasks I gave it. So I made a little spare time for it. You too could be just like this loser and serve me in real life. I know so many of you fucking losers are terrified of me and the other Mean Girls … but like I keep saying, we always work within your limits.
Just like this loser who couldn’t take very much … lol. I’m sure so many of you pathetic freaks were scared off by the last clip I posted with Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel. I feel like a broken freaking record because you and many others are just too stupid to understand simple fucking English. Not that I’m surprised LOL!
As long as you’re obedient and do as you’re told you could be just like this loser.
Today when I allowed this loser to come serve me we had a meeting in my office and talked about it’s limits and fetishes. Then it was able to serve me at the Mean Girl Manor because it was obedient enough.
This was the first clip of me testing it’s boundaries and making sure it was well aware of how extremely lucky it was to be in the presence of Me.

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