Femdom & Strapon

[BratPrincess.us] Natalya & Lizzy (Small Girl Strapped Behind Big Ass Trained To Crawl And Assist / 2017)

Year of production: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Femdom, Humiliation, High Heels, Ass Fetish, Slave Training
Duration: 00:07:41
Studio: BratPrincess
Cast: Natalya, Lizzy Lamb
Description: Lizzy is much physically smaller than Natalya. Today, the bigger girl, Natalya, is training a tiny little Lizzy to crawl behind her big ass. Natalya uses a harness to strap Lizzy’s face into her bottom. Lizzy will be forced to crawl behind Natalya’s big ass for a full 24hrs as part of her hazing into the brat princess sorority. This is a very physically demanding of little Lizzy. After just a few minutes her knees are sore. Also, it will be obviously humiliating for Lizzy to be strapped to Natalya’s ass while they are in public places, like the cafeteria or quad. Even though it is obviously challenging for her, Lizzy is very submissive and does her best to impress Natalya. While Lizzy struggles for Natalya with her face in her ass, Natalya lists some extra expectations she has of her pledge. For example, she wants Lizzy to be ready with her lip gloss and hairbrush between classes so that she can quickly re-apply the gloss as Lizzy brushes her hair. Sometimes, Natalya only has a few minutes and she wants to always look perfect. Natalya lets Lizzy out of the harness so that they can run drills. She trains Lizzy to retrieve a condom from her purse. Whenever and where Natalya and her boyfriend are ready to fuck, Lizzy must be at the ready with the condom. It will be Lizzy’s job to put the condom on Natalya’s boyfriend for her. Natalya tasks her pledge with organizing her purse while she has a cigarette so she can produce any item she needs for three seconds for her. If Lizzy file to organize the purse to Natalya’s liking, Natalya’s boyfriend will give Lizzy a swirly. This clip includes a bonus highlight from “Whore’s Face Washed in Toilet Extreme Cruel Humiliation.”

HD video type: 1080p
Video quality: HDRip
Video format: MP4
Video: Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920×1080 29.97fps 10443kbps
Audio: Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 273kbps


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